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Comprehensive Lab services offered in Harrogate and Tazewell, TN

Comprehensive lab testing offers detailed information about your health using fluid or tissue samples directly from your body. At Family Medical Clinic in Tazewell and Harrogate, Tennessee, John M. Robertson, MD, provides comprehensive lab testing using blood samples, urine, and tissue biopsies. Call Family Medical Clinic, book an appointment online for on-site lab testing today or walk in for immediate care. 

What is a comprehensive lab?

A comprehensive lab at Family Medical Clinic gives you immediate access to the diagnostic tests you need. Tests in the lab can also help you track a condition over time as you go through treatment. These tests offer insight into your body chemistry and can tell your provider a lot about your health and wellness. 

Some lab tests are necessary based on your symptoms, while others are more routine. Your provider tells you which test or tests they recommend and what the results might mean as you move forward in your medical care. They ensure you get your results as quickly as possible, so you are not left with questions about your health. 

Which tests can I get in a comprehensive lab?

Family Medical Clinic offers a wide array of test types from Labcorp®. The medical testing you need might use:

Blood testing

Blood tests examine a sample of your blood for various components. Some blood tests detect pathogens, while others look at cell counts to search for evidence of infections, anemia, and other conditions. 


You urinate into a sample collection cup in the privacy of a bathroom before placing the cup in a discreet cabinet door. In the lab, experts test your urine sample for specific components to help diagnose or rule out conditions. 

Tissue biopsy

Skin or tissue biopsies involve removing a sample of cells directly from an area of concern. Experts examine the cells under a microscope to detect or rule out cancer. 

Certain medical tests require fasting, which your provider advises you of ahead of time. 

When do I get my lab test results?

Your provider at Family Medical Clinic will let you know as soon as your lab test results are available. You can get your results quite quickly because lab testing occurs in the office; they are often available within a few days. 

Your provider talks to you about your lab tests and what their results may indicate for your health. If the lab tests rule out possible conditions, you may not need any further care. If your results show abnormalities, your provider uses them to guide your treatment. 

You may need further lab testing weeks or months after your initial appointment if your provider is using lab tests to track changes in your health over time. 

Call Family Medical Clinic or schedule a visit online for the comprehensive lab testing you need today.